Simply sweet.

27 Jul

Preparations for my last final for human physiology is stressful. My study buddy and I decided to take a break from all the studying. We were both hungry for anything, “Hey. I am going to take you somewhere amazing. Didn’t you say you love sweets?” Heck yes! I do love sweets! I have a problem. I am addicted to sweets and I eat it at least twice a day. I managed to eat two whole entire cakes in one day (one 10″ and not layered and the other one 6″ with two layers). Seriously, ask my boyfriend. He was literally watching me eat it. It was terrifying and I am truly a monster.

After about five minutes of driving, my friend announces that we have arrived. The sign was pretty big; you definitely can’t miss this place. Once I walked in, I was distracted by all the candy. There was candy to your left and to your right.. there was just candy everywhere. Walking further into the bakery, they had these cute, small specialty cakes. They looked so heavenly. I wanted one of each, but I had to control myself. If I ate too much sweets, I would fall asleep and not study. I decided to just get one cupcake! It was the rocky road. It was such a pretty cupcake, but I destroyed it by devouring it about an hour ago. The cupcake itself was decent. I wasn’t a big fan of the icing. I thought it was way too sweet. It is $2.75 per cupcake, not including tax.

After I purchased my cupcake, my friend bought four of the small specialty cakes and said, “Here! These are for you! Thanks for helping me in human physiology.” It was so sweet of her! I definitely felt bad and I kept making up excuses to not take them. “Um, I’ll get fat and I’ll fall asleep and it’ll distract me from studying..” I said to her. “I’ll punch your face and I’ll cut your fingers off until you take these sweets!” She replied back with a serious frown on her face. Okay, she definitely won and I ended up taking the cakes. These specialty cakes were so delicious! They were really moist and fresh, I think they might be better than La Baguette’s small specialty cakes. Seriously. I apologize, but I do not know what each of these specialty cakes were called! Once you walk into the bakery, you’ll see them. I do know that each one of these cost around $6.00-$6.75 each.

cakeeeeeeThis one had a mango taste, with coconut and a kiwi on top; super good!
Not too sweet and has a very fruity taste!

I really liked how it wasn’t too chocolatey. It was the perfect amount of chocolate.

Red velvet goodness. Really heavenly.

I must say that this one is my favorite.
I love raspberry and this one had a combination of a sweet and fruity taste to it.

I like this place a lot. They have so much different desserts that I haven’t tried yet! Did I mention that they have macaroons? Well, they do and I haven’t tried any yet! They have everything. It really is a sweet heaven. I would say that they are a very unique kind of bakery, because they offer customized cakes to a buffet of candy for any kind of event. They also have the sweetest employees ever. They were all just full of smiles. Overall, I will continue buying their specialty cakes or their other desserts. Yum, yum. I’m craving some right now. Have a great day/night full of candy and sweet dreams!

RANDOM FACT: Having sweets in the morning can help you lose weight.

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