Park Harvey sushi & sports lounge.

25 Jun

In the beginning of June, I was walking around downtown with a clueless look on my face. I guess the reason behind that was probably because I got lost. It was my first day of my internship and I was 15-20 minutes late. Really unprofessional of me, but what caught my eye during my adventure in downtown was this sushi place, Park Harvey sushi & sports lounge. That’s when I told myself, “I must try this place.. soon.”

And of course! I did try out the place very recently. Park Harvey is somewhat hard to locate if you’re driving. I mean, if you were walking, you wouldn’t miss it. It’s located on Harvey and it is kind of behind the Devon building (200 N. Harvey Ave , Oklahoma City, OK 73102). Anyways, I told my boyfriend to meet me there since I was going there for my lunch break. The first thing he asked me when he saw me was, “Is there no free parking for this restaurant?” I just shrugged. I guess that was one bad thing so far. The restaurant was very cute! I thought it was a little bit small to also be a sports lounge, but I can’t judge. Best things come in small packages. I thought the décor was nice, simple and modern. When we walked in, we were seated very quickly. The service was decent. Our server was quick and she provided everything for us, but one thing missing was a smile. They have a really neat lunch special, two sushi rolls for $10-$11, only the selected rolls would be on the lunch special. Not too bad! My boyfriend ordered the lunch special and one of the rolls that he ordered was a crunchy roll. I thought that roll was delicious. I’m sorry, guys! I didn’t take a picture of his lunch, but I did take a picture of my lunch. Sadly, I didn’t order sashimi. I wish I did. I ordered the Durantula roll ($13) and the Red Canyon roll ($14). The Durantula roll was mediocre, and it was a little bit expensive for it; but what really made my taste buds go crazy was the Red Canyon roll. Honestly, it is so much better than Sushi Neko’s Red Canyon. The Red Canyon roll here was definitely smaller than the Red Canyon at Sushi Neko’s. But the taste of it was delicious and unforgettable. The sushi rolls for this place was a tad bit smaller than other sushi restaurants and my rolls were expensive, considering the size of the sushi rolls. Overall, I do think that their sushi was good, in fact, their sushi is better than most sushi places in Oklahoma City. I would definitely come back for the Red Canyon. Have an awesome day, everyone! photo

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