31 May

Alright, today was my last day of finals. :) My girls and I decided to go to Syrup for brunch! It was my second time there and I thoroughly did enjoy it. Syrup lies in the downtown area of Norman, Oklahoma off of Main street. It’s an easy place to find if you’re looking to your left side, since Main street eventually forms into a one-way street. The sign is also big enough to be seen. So, the moral of this story is.. don’t be afraid when you get lost! Just kidding. Syrup has that kind of cabin-In-the-woods feeling. I mean, you walk in and you feel like you’re in a super, fancy cabin. Guys, it’s not one of those cabins in the scary movies. They have chandeliers and other modern decors; I think that is what makes it fancy. They’re tables, chairs, floor, and majority of their walls are wooden. They serve water in glass jars! Which was so cute, because all I could think about was that I was drinking out of a jar. It definitely felt like home and I love that feeling when I enter a restaurant. Of course, this restaurant definitely has good business, because the two times I’ve been there, it’s always busy! Our wait time today was 25 minutes. I don’t mind the wait, because I had nothing else going on until later and I’m also a super patient person. But if you’re an impatient person or if you’re in a hurry, then I wouldn’t recommend this place for you. Unless you’re not busy one day and out of the blue, you’re in a great mood, a mood so great that you decided to become a patient person. The moment of truth! My first time at Syrup, I ordered the Sweet & savory add-ons. It either came with plain ole’ pancakes or waffles and I’m a waffle eater, so that’s what I got. Toppings were, from what I remembered, 50 cents each. I added bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. I liked it, but I thought that I may have made it too sweet. Oh my goodness, I felt so full after eating it. I couldn’t finish it. That’s another thing, it looks like a small amount, but it’s actually enough for your tummy! Remember, your eyes are always bigger than your stomach. I would give this meal a 7/10.


My second time here, I ordered the Crunchy French toast. I really enjoyed this! The toast was a challah bread and they added in crunchy flakes, I really want to say frosted flakes cereal? Maybe? But that gave the crunchy feel to it and it almost tasted like a whole-grain wheat bread. FYI, I felt healthy eating this. Now, that’s if you don’t add in the syrup or the whip cream. Oh, they added in strawberries and that white sugar powder, you know, the powder that’s on funnel cakes at the state fair. YUM, right? It wasn’t too sweet and I still didn’t finish it. I don’t think I can ever finish my foods. I’d rate this meal a 9/10. I gave it a 9, because I didn’t finish it.


Overall, service was good. It wasn’t super amazing or horrible. It was just normal. Our server was always around and he was nice! He smiled a lot and that is the best thing a server could do in my book. Last, but not least, the cost!! I honestly do think that the food is slightly overpriced. My Sweet & savory was $8, from what I could remember.. and my crunchy French toast was $8.66. Now, including with tip, I would spend a total of $11 or $12 on breakfast/brunch. You guys can totally stick to eating breakfast at McDonald’s, I-Hop, or waffle house, because it is definitely cheaper… or you could eat breakfast at home and not spend a penny! Eating here once in awhile isn’t so bad. So, give it a chance if you want to and let yourself decide if it’s great or not. I like it!

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