Hugo’s Taquizas.

31 May

Guys, I seriously love tacos. They are just mini goodness of fat and flavor. Their shape is extraordinary and the way you eat them, brilliant. Honestly, I think I’ve tried every taco place in Oklahoma City. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I think I’ve tried enough places to have a favorite taco place now! Let’s start off where this place is located. I really think it’d be easy if you take I-44 and exit off of NW 23rd street, because it’s literally right there when you exit. You definitely can’t miss it. It’s not a taco truck and it’s not the best looking place, but never judge a book by its cover. I thought it was clean and plain. The restaurant is tiny, but it has a lot of floor room. So, if it’s hot or cold outside, this place would be a good place to go to instead of a taco truck! They have 8 different kinds of meat; pork, chicken, steak, cow’s tongue, cheek meat, BBQ, Mexican sausage, and marinated pork. Don’t worry guys, I ordered one of each. I really enjoyed it! The one in the picture is the BBQ taco and it is one of my favorites. My other favorites are the steak and pork. The others are all good too, but the one that made me cringe whenever I took a bite out of it was the cow’s tongue taco. I was just thinking about a cow’s tongue.. licking things and I’m eating it. Overall, it was delicious! These tacos can lead me down to the path of obesity. Oh, I forgot! They have other entrees in case your buddies or your significant other hates tacos! They have burritos, rice, beans, etc.; Good stuff that I haven’t tried yet. The employees was nice! The tacos came out quick, although the woman forgot two of my other tacos, I was okay with it. NO BIGGIE. The woman who took my order had this wild look in her eyes when I said, “One of everything, please.” I mean, who would have thought that this tiny Asian girl ordered eight tacos and ate it all in one go? Anyways, I also have fantastic news to share, IT’S $1 ON TUESDAYS. It’s usually $1.50, which is still cheap. I think the most expensive thing on the menu is probably $8 and that’s the huge burrito. For all you taco-lovers in Oklahoma City, try this place. I love it and you might love it. Please don’t hate me, if you don’t love it.


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