Hummus Mediterranean Cafe.

1 Aug

I normally eat at Greek house whenever I’m feeling Mediterranean food, but lately I’ve been getting bored of their food. They don’t really have a big menu either, so I can’t really order anything different to excite my taste buds. Don’t get me wrong or anything, their food is delicious! It’s reasonably priced for a college student like me and the portion they give me is always too much for me. I’ve never finished my food here and I always order the child’s plate. Bad Kathy, wasting food is bad.

Even though I was slightly bored with the Mediterranean food at Greek house, I was still craving Mediterranean food overall! Luckily for me, I found this cute little place in Moore, Hummus Mediterranean café. Well, I didn’t technically discover it myself. It was my friends Ann and Anna who suggest that we’d go there to eat!  This was my FIRST time here at the time and it was starting off with this refreshing drink!

Mint lemonade. $3

Mint lemonade. $3

Walking in, you’ll see that the place has a bit classy touch to it. They had quite a unique menu and it was big enough to cause me to be indecisive. As our server was taking our order, I noticed that she had her iPod out the entire time while trying to take our order. I thought it was a little weird until she explained to us that it is a lot faster this way, because she was sending our order to the kitchen already. It was pretty nifty after all. Our server was very nice! She could have smiled more, but that’s okay. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with smiles when it comes to servers. We mainly ordered a bunch of appetizers, because my friends are vegan! They couldn’t really eat the main entrees. A lot of the appetizers were vegan material. The wait wasn’t so bad, because the restaurant wasn’t too busy.

We ordered two different hummus’ as our appetizer. The first one called the Muhammara was so good. I fell in love with this appetizer and from that day on, I would find myself craving this on random days. I would literally get full off of this.

Muhammara. $5

Muhammara. $5

The second one was good too! The pine nuts hummus had a soft peanut taste to it. I would still order this too, but I like the Muhammara way too much. Maybe when I get bored with the Muhammara one day, I’ll order it.

Pine nuts hummus. $5

Pine nuts hummus. $5

I’ve never had falafel before, so I can’t really judge. My first experience eating the falafel here was pretty good. I thought it was unique and the taste was pretty good, but it wasn’t impressive.

Falafel basket. $6

Falafel basket. $6

The last of our orders of appetizers has come to an end, the Zatar pie! To me, it wasn’t anything too special. It just tasted like a pizza to me, but without the cheese and the tomato sauce. Maybe it tasted more like a bread stick? A flavored bread stick?

Zatar pie. $5

Zatar pie. $5



My second visit was with my boyfriend. I actually wanted to try the main entrees and other things off the menu. Our server was a little awkward the second time. I think he was just trying to start a conversation with us, but we had no idea what to say back to him. Still, he was nice. I ordered the fruit cocktail and I thought it was delicious, but it was a little bit expensive too. It’s almost as if I was being charged of an alcohol beverage, but it’s not alcohol, it’s fruit.

The fruit cocktail. $6

The fruit cocktail. $6

My boyfriend was being weird by ordering a salad. It was a little funny, because usually it’s the opposite.
“I’m trying to eat healthy, babe.” Yeah, sure you are. The salad was a little bit expensive for the size. The boyfriend said it was good, but he also stated that he could make this salad that will last him over a week with only $10.

Fattoush salad. $5

Fattoush salad. $5

I really enjoyed this hummus too! It was a little plain, but you can still taste something else with the plainness.
I think I love all of their hummus.

Paprika hummus. $4

Paprika hummus. $4

My combination platter consisted of kofta and shish tawook. I haven’t tried these meats before and I thought it was delicious. The rice was also really good too! I don’t really remember what side of hummus I ordered, but it was good too! The food definitely filled me up and I didn’t finish it. That was when the boyfriend had to step in to finish my food. Boyfriends are very useful when you can’t finish your food.

The combo platter. $12

The combo platter. $12

Overall, I do like this place. I like it, because they have the Muhammara. Lord, I think I’m addicted. I honestly think they are the only place that have the Muhammara. Their other hummus’ is also really good. So, I’d definitely go back for the hummus. Their other entrees are pretty good, but we’ll see what I feel like eating that day. Yes, they are a little bit on the expensive side, but it’s still okay. Have a good evening!

P.S. They charge $1 for extra pita bread, which only comes with 4 slices of pita bread. Just saying.

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Simply sweet.

27 Jul

Preparations for my last final for human physiology is stressful. My study buddy and I decided to take a break from all the studying. We were both hungry for anything, “Hey. I am going to take you somewhere amazing. Didn’t you say you love sweets?” Heck yes! I do love sweets! I have a problem. I am addicted to sweets and I eat it at least twice a day. I managed to eat two whole entire cakes in one day (one 10″ and not layered and the other one 6″ with two layers). Seriously, ask my boyfriend. He was literally watching me eat it. It was terrifying and I am truly a monster.

After about five minutes of driving, my friend announces that we have arrived. The sign was pretty big; you definitely can’t miss this place. Once I walked in, I was distracted by all the candy. There was candy to your left and to your right.. there was just candy everywhere. Walking further into the bakery, they had these cute, small specialty cakes. They looked so heavenly. I wanted one of each, but I had to control myself. If I ate too much sweets, I would fall asleep and not study. I decided to just get one cupcake! It was the rocky road. It was such a pretty cupcake, but I destroyed it by devouring it about an hour ago. The cupcake itself was decent. I wasn’t a big fan of the icing. I thought it was way too sweet. It is $2.75 per cupcake, not including tax.

After I purchased my cupcake, my friend bought four of the small specialty cakes and said, “Here! These are for you! Thanks for helping me in human physiology.” It was so sweet of her! I definitely felt bad and I kept making up excuses to not take them. “Um, I’ll get fat and I’ll fall asleep and it’ll distract me from studying..” I said to her. “I’ll punch your face and I’ll cut your fingers off until you take these sweets!” She replied back with a serious frown on her face. Okay, she definitely won and I ended up taking the cakes. These specialty cakes were so delicious! They were really moist and fresh, I think they might be better than La Baguette’s small specialty cakes. Seriously. I apologize, but I do not know what each of these specialty cakes were called! Once you walk into the bakery, you’ll see them. I do know that each one of these cost around $6.00-$6.75 each.

cakeeeeeeThis one had a mango taste, with coconut and a kiwi on top; super good!
Not too sweet and has a very fruity taste!

I really liked how it wasn’t too chocolatey. It was the perfect amount of chocolate.

Red velvet goodness. Really heavenly.

I must say that this one is my favorite.
I love raspberry and this one had a combination of a sweet and fruity taste to it.

I like this place a lot. They have so much different desserts that I haven’t tried yet! Did I mention that they have macaroons? Well, they do and I haven’t tried any yet! They have everything. It really is a sweet heaven. I would say that they are a very unique kind of bakery, because they offer customized cakes to a buffet of candy for any kind of event. They also have the sweetest employees ever. They were all just full of smiles. Overall, I will continue buying their specialty cakes or their other desserts. Yum, yum. I’m craving some right now. Have a great day/night full of candy and sweet dreams!

RANDOM FACT: Having sweets in the morning can help you lose weight.

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Takoyaki wars.

25 Jul

I have yet to try the real takoyaki balls in Japan. I plan to pay them a visit in the near future.

Takoyaki balls in Japan are usually known as street food or snacks. Takoyaki is octopus balls. Tako meaning octopus. I swear, these snacks are the best thing in the world. How would I describe these delicious snacks? They are ball-shaped. The outer layer is tempura and inside of the balls are octopus. When you bite into it, it’s usually hot. There is a crunchy bite to your takoyaki and a wave of soft and mushy fillings of octopus should fill your mouth. All the takoyaki balls that has been served to me has toppings on top of it. Usually green onions, pickled ginger, small pieces of dry seaweed, or tiny fried onions. I’m assuming that the sauce on top of the takoyaki balls are spicy mayo mixed with a dash of ponzu sauce.

Now that you guys are a little bit educated on takoyaki balls, you should all put your taste buds to the test and go try some.. right now. Just kidding! Maybe after I tell y’all (picture me with a girly, southern voice) where I have located these yummy little guys.

1. Jiong Jiong Milk Tea – Norman, OK
(1127 Elm Ave 73072)
I think they just recently opened on my campus (University of Oklahoma). I went there on July 8 and they weren’t open. The girl working next door told me that they would open back up on July 15. It wasn’t a big deal for me, because I had class and I could stop by anytime I wanted to. So, I came back on July 18 and they still weren’t open. Strange, but in conclusion, I haven’t tried their takoyaki. I just heard they had takoyaki and I was so excited! Takoyaki before I go to class? My life would be perfect.

2. Tokyo Japanese – Oklahoma City, OK
(Nichols hill-Lakeside 7516 N Western Ave 73116)
So far, this place has the best takoyaki balls I have ever tasted. This is the first place I’d go to for takoyaki. Their takoyaki balls taste very authentic and it also taste like they had made it from scratch. Six pieces of greatness, eat it slowly. You’d want to savor every bite and cherish the last bite by bidding it farewell, but then of course, you could always order more takoyaki balls. The price is decent, $3.95 and that’s not including tax. Now, if you think about it mathematically, it’s about 66 cents per ball. Not too shabby right?
Tokyo's takoyaki!

3. Café Oasis – Oklahoma City, OK
(1135 NW 25th St 73106)
Who wouldn’t want Bubo tea and Takoyaki balls at the same time? It’s a great place to chill and snack at. Seriously. The takoyaki balls here weren’t the greatest  nor the worst. I usually go there for the bubo tea and I would think, “Heck, I’m already here, so I might as well buy some takoyaki balls.” They can satisfy me sometimes, as in they are good enough if my craving for takoyaki balls were uncontrollable. On normal days when I don’t crave takoyaki balls, they taste boring. Sometimes I couldn’t even taste the octopus. I’m taking a wild guess, but it’s probably packaged/frozen takoyaki balls? Maybe. Price? I honestly forgot. It’s been a while since I’ve ate their takoyaki balls. I would assume it’d be $3.00-$4.00 for six pieces.
Cafe oasis.

4. The Sushi Bar – Edmond, OK
(West Edmond 1201 NW 178th St #123 73012)
I don’t think they serve takoyaki balls on their normal lunch and dinner menu. The only time they do serve them is during the late night sushi special on Fridays and Saturdays night after 9:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. I would consider that their takoyaki balls would come in second place according to my taste buds. $3.00 for five pieces. Fair enough?
Sushi bar.

5. Main Street Noodle – Stillwater, OK
(622 S. Main St. 74074)
The drive is a little far from where I live, but that day my little brother wanted to go to the OSU campus tour, so I took him and we stopped by this little place to eat lunch. I was so surprised to see that they had takoyaki balls. The takoyaki was good, but not the best. I think the price for the takoyaki balls was cheap. Eight pieces for $3.95! Overall, I enjoyed their takoyaki, but I don’t see myself driving back down there anytime soon for their takoyaki. It’s such a far drive (it’s an hour and 25 minute drive from my house), especially when Tokyo Japanese (only about a 20 minute drive from my house) already has the best takoyaki balls in the state of Oklahoma.
Main street noodle.

NOW, you may go try some takoyaki balls. Well, it is 2:11 a.m. and I highly doubt any of these places are open right now. But if there is a will, there is a way. Make your own takoyaki balls! :) I really need to learn how to make takoyaki balls too. Maybe this weekend I’ll learn. Well, I’m going to bed. Have sweet dreams of takoyaki balls.

Bún bò Huế

27 Jun

Translation? A Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup. Bún bò Huế (bun-bo-hwe) is definitely one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. I consider it better than Pho, because Bún bò Huế has so much flavor, it’s not boring and I love how spicy it is. I haven’t tasted a bowl of Bún bò Huế better than my mother’s, and of course, mother’s homemade food will always be the best in my heart. Today’s lesson, never talk down on your own mother’s cooking. Ahem, my mother is incredibly busy and she doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands to make me Bún bò Huế every time I crave it. To make it easier on her, I’d just go out and buy myself some Bún bò Huế. I’ve scoped out every noodle shop in the Oklahoma City metro and I use to think that Pho Cuong had decent Bún bò Huế, so I settled with it for a year or so, but over the past few years, I started to notice that their Bún bò Huế went downhill, the taste, the texture, and the presentation of it; that was when I decided to stop going to Pho Cuong. Back around this time, my craving for Bún bò Huế wasn’t all that crazy, so I could manage, but I was still searching for that perfect Bún bò Huế, besides my mother’s.

The summer of 2012, a group of us went down to Padre Island a week before school started. On our way back home, we decided to stop in Houston, Texas. It was  really late, if I can recall, it was probably around 1 in the morning and we were starving like bears. I don’t know how (I was sleeping during the drive), but we found a place called Bun Bo Hue Duc Chuong. It was open until 3 in the morning. To my fascination, they ONLY served one entrée and you guessed it, Bún bò Huế! Of course, they sold drinks and smoothies (bubble [boba] tea, to be specific).  When we walked in, the entire place was packed… at 1 in the morning. We were seated promptly and shortly after, a man asked for our drink orders and then he asked, “Would you like a small bowl or a large bowl?” …Now, let me just say one thing, ordering a large bowl was a big mistake. We assumed that that was what everyone in the restaurant ordered, but it turns out they all had small bowls. You can definitely order a large Bún bò Huế if you could finish it, but as for my friends and I, we were completely annihilated by their large bowls of Bún bò Huế. Well, that’s what we get for being total newbies. Anyways, considering that the man only asked us for bowl sizes, THEY DO NOT HAVE MENUS. Their service was the quickest service I’ve ever encountered in my life. Our Bún bò Huế came out in less than 5 minutes. The atmosphere was very comfortable, but that’s mainly because I could understand Vietnamese and communicate with them. I honestly haven’t been around the world to try every Bún bò Huế, but their Bún bò Huế was the BEST Bún bò Huế I’ve ever tasted. It was spicy enough for me and the sourness added flavor; they had the perfect amount of meat in the soup. It was just delicious. Too bad I couldn’t finish it. The prices were very inexpensive, the large bowl was $10 and the small bowl was $7. I thought this restaurant took a huge risk, they placed all of their confidence on one entrée and it definitely worked, all they had to do was continue focusing on improving on one entrée. But hands down, best Bún bò Huế of all time! Check them out on, guys! foooood

Ever since I got back from Padre Island and Houston, I had Bún bò Huế withdrawals. I knew that none of the noodle shops in Oklahoma City, Moore, or Midwest City would satisfy me. My mother’s Bún bò Huế did satisfy me, but the craving would come back, and like I said before, she doesn’t have that much time on her hands to always satisfy my annoying cravings. One day, my boyfriend and I were down at the outlet mall to go shopping. We were kind of close to the Mustang and Yukon area. “I’m craving Pho, let’s go to Pho Hieu,” my boyfriend said. And you know what? That was the first time I’ve ever heard of this restaurant. So, I agreed to going, but I wasn’t going to eat. Pho Hieu is located in Yukon, not Mustang. I assumed they only served Pho, but I was wrong. They also served Bún bò Huế and I decided to try it out. Sure enough, it satisfied me. It really satisfied me and I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t as spicy, but they did give me a side of extra spicy chili oil, which made it perfect. The broth was so clear compared to Pho Cuong’s Bún bò Huế. I could definitely taste all of the flavors in this noodle soup. I was very content that I gave this place a chance, all thanks to my boyfriend! The restaurant was small, but they had a decent amount of seating. The décor was a typical looking pho restaurant, but very clean compared to the other Pho restaurants. The service was good. Our server always had a smile on her face and she was well-mannered. The price was also inexpensive here, we paid $14 for two bowls, so about $7 each. I think Pho Hieu has the best Bún bò Huế in Oklahoma. This concludes my love for Bún bò Huế. Keep eating and smiling, guys!


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Park Harvey sushi & sports lounge.

25 Jun

In the beginning of June, I was walking around downtown with a clueless look on my face. I guess the reason behind that was probably because I got lost. It was my first day of my internship and I was 15-20 minutes late. Really unprofessional of me, but what caught my eye during my adventure in downtown was this sushi place, Park Harvey sushi & sports lounge. That’s when I told myself, “I must try this place.. soon.”

And of course! I did try out the place very recently. Park Harvey is somewhat hard to locate if you’re driving. I mean, if you were walking, you wouldn’t miss it. It’s located on Harvey and it is kind of behind the Devon building (200 N. Harvey Ave , Oklahoma City, OK 73102). Anyways, I told my boyfriend to meet me there since I was going there for my lunch break. The first thing he asked me when he saw me was, “Is there no free parking for this restaurant?” I just shrugged. I guess that was one bad thing so far. The restaurant was very cute! I thought it was a little bit small to also be a sports lounge, but I can’t judge. Best things come in small packages. I thought the décor was nice, simple and modern. When we walked in, we were seated very quickly. The service was decent. Our server was quick and she provided everything for us, but one thing missing was a smile. They have a really neat lunch special, two sushi rolls for $10-$11, only the selected rolls would be on the lunch special. Not too bad! My boyfriend ordered the lunch special and one of the rolls that he ordered was a crunchy roll. I thought that roll was delicious. I’m sorry, guys! I didn’t take a picture of his lunch, but I did take a picture of my lunch. Sadly, I didn’t order sashimi. I wish I did. I ordered the Durantula roll ($13) and the Red Canyon roll ($14). The Durantula roll was mediocre, and it was a little bit expensive for it; but what really made my taste buds go crazy was the Red Canyon roll. Honestly, it is so much better than Sushi Neko’s Red Canyon. The Red Canyon roll here was definitely smaller than the Red Canyon at Sushi Neko’s. But the taste of it was delicious and unforgettable. The sushi rolls for this place was a tad bit smaller than other sushi restaurants and my rolls were expensive, considering the size of the sushi rolls. Overall, I do think that their sushi was good, in fact, their sushi is better than most sushi places in Oklahoma City. I would definitely come back for the Red Canyon. Have an awesome day, everyone! photo

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Hugo’s Taquizas.

31 May

Guys, I seriously love tacos. They are just mini goodness of fat and flavor. Their shape is extraordinary and the way you eat them, brilliant. Honestly, I think I’ve tried every taco place in Oklahoma City. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I think I’ve tried enough places to have a favorite taco place now! Let’s start off where this place is located. I really think it’d be easy if you take I-44 and exit off of NW 23rd street, because it’s literally right there when you exit. You definitely can’t miss it. It’s not a taco truck and it’s not the best looking place, but never judge a book by its cover. I thought it was clean and plain. The restaurant is tiny, but it has a lot of floor room. So, if it’s hot or cold outside, this place would be a good place to go to instead of a taco truck! They have 8 different kinds of meat; pork, chicken, steak, cow’s tongue, cheek meat, BBQ, Mexican sausage, and marinated pork. Don’t worry guys, I ordered one of each. I really enjoyed it! The one in the picture is the BBQ taco and it is one of my favorites. My other favorites are the steak and pork. The others are all good too, but the one that made me cringe whenever I took a bite out of it was the cow’s tongue taco. I was just thinking about a cow’s tongue.. licking things and I’m eating it. Overall, it was delicious! These tacos can lead me down to the path of obesity. Oh, I forgot! They have other entrees in case your buddies or your significant other hates tacos! They have burritos, rice, beans, etc.; Good stuff that I haven’t tried yet. The employees was nice! The tacos came out quick, although the woman forgot two of my other tacos, I was okay with it. NO BIGGIE. The woman who took my order had this wild look in her eyes when I said, “One of everything, please.” I mean, who would have thought that this tiny Asian girl ordered eight tacos and ate it all in one go? Anyways, I also have fantastic news to share, IT’S $1 ON TUESDAYS. It’s usually $1.50, which is still cheap. I think the most expensive thing on the menu is probably $8 and that’s the huge burrito. For all you taco-lovers in Oklahoma City, try this place. I love it and you might love it. Please don’t hate me, if you don’t love it.


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31 May

Alright, today was my last day of finals. :) My girls and I decided to go to Syrup for brunch! It was my second time there and I thoroughly did enjoy it. Syrup lies in the downtown area of Norman, Oklahoma off of Main street. It’s an easy place to find if you’re looking to your left side, since Main street eventually forms into a one-way street. The sign is also big enough to be seen. So, the moral of this story is.. don’t be afraid when you get lost! Just kidding. Syrup has that kind of cabin-In-the-woods feeling. I mean, you walk in and you feel like you’re in a super, fancy cabin. Guys, it’s not one of those cabins in the scary movies. They have chandeliers and other modern decors; I think that is what makes it fancy. They’re tables, chairs, floor, and majority of their walls are wooden. They serve water in glass jars! Which was so cute, because all I could think about was that I was drinking out of a jar. It definitely felt like home and I love that feeling when I enter a restaurant. Of course, this restaurant definitely has good business, because the two times I’ve been there, it’s always busy! Our wait time today was 25 minutes. I don’t mind the wait, because I had nothing else going on until later and I’m also a super patient person. But if you’re an impatient person or if you’re in a hurry, then I wouldn’t recommend this place for you. Unless you’re not busy one day and out of the blue, you’re in a great mood, a mood so great that you decided to become a patient person. The moment of truth! My first time at Syrup, I ordered the Sweet & savory add-ons. It either came with plain ole’ pancakes or waffles and I’m a waffle eater, so that’s what I got. Toppings were, from what I remembered, 50 cents each. I added bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. I liked it, but I thought that I may have made it too sweet. Oh my goodness, I felt so full after eating it. I couldn’t finish it. That’s another thing, it looks like a small amount, but it’s actually enough for your tummy! Remember, your eyes are always bigger than your stomach. I would give this meal a 7/10.


My second time here, I ordered the Crunchy French toast. I really enjoyed this! The toast was a challah bread and they added in crunchy flakes, I really want to say frosted flakes cereal? Maybe? But that gave the crunchy feel to it and it almost tasted like a whole-grain wheat bread. FYI, I felt healthy eating this. Now, that’s if you don’t add in the syrup or the whip cream. Oh, they added in strawberries and that white sugar powder, you know, the powder that’s on funnel cakes at the state fair. YUM, right? It wasn’t too sweet and I still didn’t finish it. I don’t think I can ever finish my foods. I’d rate this meal a 9/10. I gave it a 9, because I didn’t finish it.


Overall, service was good. It wasn’t super amazing or horrible. It was just normal. Our server was always around and he was nice! He smiled a lot and that is the best thing a server could do in my book. Last, but not least, the cost!! I honestly do think that the food is slightly overpriced. My Sweet & savory was $8, from what I could remember.. and my crunchy French toast was $8.66. Now, including with tip, I would spend a total of $11 or $12 on breakfast/brunch. You guys can totally stick to eating breakfast at McDonald’s, I-Hop, or waffle house, because it is definitely cheaper… or you could eat breakfast at home and not spend a penny! Eating here once in awhile isn’t so bad. So, give it a chance if you want to and let yourself decide if it’s great or not. I like it!

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